Additional Equipment available to hire


Additional Equipment available to hire

We have taken great care in selecting the three types of child seats that are offered. Infant (Baby) Seat 0kg – 9kg Mounted rear facing $22.00 inclusive GST Child Seat 8kg – 18kg Mounted face forward $22.00 inclusive GST Booster Seat Up to 25kg Front facing $22.00 inclusive GST The maximum charge of AUD $88.00 (incl. GST) applies to rentals. *A maximum of 2 Child Seats or 1 Seat and 1 Booster Seat can be fitted to any vehicle. Infant (Baby) Seats We can provide you with a baby seat mounted rear-facing to be used for infants who weigh up to 9kg. These seats are designed to support a child’s neck, back and spinal cord. Child Seats We can provide you with a child seat mounted face forward for children weighing between 8kg and 18kg. Parents of children who have outgrown infant (baby) car seats are encouraged to use these seats rear-facing until the child reached the upper weight limits of the seat for rear-facing use. Booster Seats We can provide you with belt-positioning booster seats to be used in the back seat for children who have outgrown a child seat. The belt-positioning booster seat must be used in seating positions equipped with lap and shoulder seatbelts. Children weighing up to 25kg should use these seats. Child seats: It is your responsibility to ensure that appropriate child seats have been fitted for children travelling in the vehicle. Hertz is not responsible for any fines, injury, death or other losses caused by not having child seats fitted in the vehicle or by not restraining children in child seats fitted in the vehicle. Children that require a child seat must not travel in a vehicle from the Hertz Adrenaline & Dream Collection as you are not permitted to fit child seats in those vehicles. IMPORTANT: You must comply with mandated seat belt and child seat restraint laws applicable to each State or Territory in Australia. Fines may be imposed by police on any occupant who does not have a seat belt or who has not fitted or properly adjusted a child seat restraint for a child. You are responsible for checking a child seat is fitted correctly in the vehicle. You must not leave your child unattended in the vehicle.

Featuring fast, accurate route calculation and the most up-to-date national maps. Get live traffic updates and fast guidance to the nearest petrol stations, parking and other amenities. Drive with confidence with the remarkable Neverlost® in-car navigation unit as your guide. Other Features: Easy to install and enter destinations Premium language support Anti-glare high resolution 6” LCD touchscreen 3D junction views with signs Speed limit alerts Bluetooth handsfree and trip planner Smart route using historical traffic information NeverLost is available at all Hertz Australia locations subject to availability for a nominal daily fee of AUD $15.40 (incl. GST) *Capped at 10 days for every 30 day period.

Ski Equipped Vehicles are not available in Australia.

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