Things to do in the elegant city of Townsville 

Townsville is Northern Queensland’s major city which boasts a full range of attractions. The once quiet coastal town has transformed into a modern metropolis full of fun activities and spectacular places to visit. 

Enjoy local food and drinks

Townsville is emerging as a foodie hub where you’ll find a host of dining and drinking options. In this small city, you’ll find different types of Mexican delicacies, street food, beers, and tapas. Some of the spots you’re sure to find great dishes and drinks include City Lane & City Arcade, The Courtyard, TapHouse, and Hooch & Fellow.

Billabong Sanctuary 

The family-owned wildlife park is home to several kangaroo species, snakes, koalas, emus, echidnas, and crocodiles. 


 Riverway includes an 11 km walking track where you’ll marvel at the beautiful surrounding scenery, and lagoons with swimming facilities.  

Amazing weather

Townsville has always been the #1 winter destination thanks to the 320 days of sunshine every year. 

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