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The following are some of our most asked questions. Please contact your Lowcostselfdrive representative if your query is not answered below on 1300 034 801


I have returned my Vehicle, when will I get my bond back? An authority hold or frozen amount is put on hold on the credit card at the start of the rental. On the day you return your vehicle an electronic message goes to your bank to release any holding amounts. This will not appear as a credit as the funds have not been removed from your account. Depending on who you bank with this can take anywhere from 2 – 10 days to release. If you have a Visa or Master debit card that works the same as a credit card, this will appear as a debit online, as Debit cards do not have the ability to show frozen amounts. However they have not been removed from the account and will no longer appear on your next statement. If your hold is still showing in a pending status after this time please contact our Operations Team on 1300034801 or email ops@lowcostselfdrive.com.au with your rental agreement and the name of your bank. Note: if you have paid a cash deposit any refund will be issued via cheque, this can take up to 14 working day

Due to all vehicles being registered to the RMS toll account, any direct payment (etag or pass) to the toll authority must be setup PRIOR to using the toll road. Once a toll point has been used and no other pass or etag is found this will automatically bill against our account. These charges are then forwarded to you with an Administration Fee per the rental agreement. If you have set up a pass prior to toll use or had your own tag in the vehicle but have still incurred tolls please send a copy of your pass detailing the payment you have already made, or your etag statement showing the device was in the vehicle at the time for a review of the charges. Send to ops@lowcostselfdrive.com.au please ensure you include your Rental Agreement or Reservation number. Please note our invoice can only list 10 trips at a time so you may receive multiple invoices if you have travelled on tolls over 10 times.

This means we have been contacted by an Authority in regards to a Traffic or Parking Infringement incurred during your rental period. During the rental period you are responsible for the vehicle which means you are also responsible for any parking tickets or traffic violations that may occur. We process a Statutory Declaration providing your details to the relevant authority who then send you the fine direct. As per the conditions of rent a Infringement Administration Fee applies.

By way of explanation, rental days consist of consecutive 24 hour periods starting at the time of commencement of rental indicated on your Rental Agreement. We also have in place a 59 minute Grace period before any extra charges are raised. This means that extra hour’s charges are calculated as follows, past the commencement of rental time:- 0-59 mins – No Charge 60 – 119mins – Half (½) the daily rate 2hrs + – 1 Full Day Charge As a result of these extra charges any additional charges eg Child Seat, GPS, Excess Reduction option are calculated at 1 full day’s charge. *if returning earlier than booked by 24 hours a Early Return Fee is applicable

Various factors can be attributed to the difference in your booked rate vs your final charge. – Extra Days – Fuel – Accepting Accident Excess Reduction, or any additional cover upon collection – Adding GPS or Childseats – Wifi – Returning Early Please note any % based fees and taxes *(GST, Administration Fee and Location Fee) are applicable to any additional items added.

If the call out is for a problem not inherent to the vehicle eg. Locked keys in the vehicle, changing a flat tyre, flat battery due to accessories left on etc, a $165.00 Roadside Assistance Fee is applicable. There is no charge should the problem be inherent to the vehicle eg. Mechanical issues. We offer a Premium Roadside Assistance Cover, please contact us for more details and pricing. Please note: Towing is only covered if you have taken additional cover

Yes, you will still be liable to pay the applicable excess amount even if a third party is at fault. Once the fault is established and the third party agrees to pay for the damages, we will refund you the excess.

A cleaning fee is applicable should the vehicle be returned in a state other than which it was rented out in, and cleaning above our standard practices is required. Eg pet hair, sand or smoking in the vehicle

You will need to present to our customer representative: 1) your normal driver’s license, issued by your country of residence and held for a minimum period according to local legislation or conditions. It will be requested at every rental. In addition to your normal Driving Licence, your International Driving Licence is also mandatory if your driving licence is written in a language different to the one of the renting country and/or in characters that can not be read in the renting country. Note that your International Driving Licence is valid only if accompanied by your normal Driving Licence. Driving Licences must be valid in the country of rental. 2) your identification document such as your passport (or your national identity card) 3) your valid credit or debit card with an expiry date after the due check-in date.

In the event of loss of vehicle keys, you will need to contact the location where you picked up the car. It could take between 24 and 48 hours for you to receive the new keys. Additional service charges will apply, as the loss of keys is not covered by our insurance and protections.

The first thing will be to call the local police authority and next, to call the rental location. The vehicle key & the loss or theft declaration to the police will have to be provided to the nearest location. For detailed information & country specifics. Your financial responsibility will depend upon the protection you subscribed to at the time of rental.

Only those people whose names are recorded on the Rental Agreement may drive the vehicle. Please proceed to the nearest branch to register an additional driver on your agreement.

Additional charges will apply if you return your car at a later date or time. Please contact us directly to check the cost and if this is possible.

If you’re traveling with young ones, both child safety and booster seats are available for hire from most locations. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Unfortunately, our fleet is not equipped for towing usage and we do not allow towing.

Trolleys are available at most locations, subject to availability, please advise your sales representative if you require one

Pets or animals are not permitted in any Budget vehicle, with the exception of guide dogs for visually impaired people. A cleaning fee may be charged if it’s deemed that a vehicle has been used to transport pets or animals.

No, our vehicles are not permitted to be taken off-road and must only be used on a road which is properly formed and constructed as a sealed, metalled or gravel road.

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