9 Perfect Day Trip Points Near Newcastle City

You will find a lot of beaches and lakes within the two-hour drive of Newcastle City. Most of these places have been specially improved to welcome tourists. Whether you are planning an office tour, school trip, or family picnic, you can easily find a good place, and all you need is a coach charter.

Depending on your interests, you can choose a place that focuses on art, adventures, agriculture, hiking, or swimming. Of course, each place also offers some unique activities and delicious local dishes. Here is a list of nine places within the drive of 1.5 hours from Newcastle city you can visit.

The Hunter Valley (Birthplace of Australian Wines)

The Hunter Valley (Birthplace of Australian Wines)

Distance from Newcastle City: About 105 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 20 minutes 

It’s Australia’s second oldest city and the oldest known wine region. There are over 150 wineries, but it’s not the only thing that makes it a great tourist destination. You will find World Heritage wilderness areas, gourmet restaurants with mouth-watering dishes, and great trails to hike at the Barrington Tops National Park. 

If you go there, make sure you get the tour of the entire area from the air on a hot air balloon. The view of lush green fields from the top is something out of this world. The administration has also designed this place to cater to all tourists with all kinds of interests. If you are interested in adventure, you can go kayaking at Wollemi National Park, and if you are into art, there is Maitland Regional Art Gallery with eleven exhibition places

Hunter Valley Classic Carriages

Distance from Newcastle City: about 67 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 5 minutes 

Classic Carriages is another great place that comes 40 kilometers after the Hunter Valley. Unless you carefully plan the entire day trip and leave early, you will have to arrange for a place to stay the night so you can visit it the next day. Depending on your location in the city, you can reach there between 1 and 1.5 hours on a good minibus hire with a driver, from coachhire.com.au.

If you go there, be sure to visit Hope Estate to taste wine, beer, and other such beverages. You can either walk or use a shuttle service to explore all the vineyards in the valley. It is recommended to walk around to properly enjoy the experience this place has to offer. You will also find several points for a picnic and botanic gardens where you can sit down in peace.

Port Stephens

Distance from Newcastle City: About 36 km

Travel Time: 40 minutes 

Port Stephens is one the best places around Newcastle City if you love the sea and the sand. It, of course, has all the features of a beach, but you also get to taste the fresh seafood caught and cooked on the spot. This place has crystal clear water and Australia’s largest sand dunes, but you will also find lush green trees right there in the Tomaree National Park

You can go horse riding on the sand, go surfing and swimming in the waters, or ride mountain bikes in the forest. While you are in the water, you might get to meet the famous bottlenose dolphins. You will also get the opportunity to pet sharks if you go to Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters. If you choose to go on a water cruise, you can see live dolphins and whales in their natural habitat.



Distance from Newcastle City: About 35 km

Travel Time: 35 minutes

Maitland has many historical buildings, but that’s not all it’s famous for. It became a tourist destination because of its culture and festivals. It would be best if you could explore the area on a bicycle. It has clean streets with attractions on both sides. You will also see many cafes around the heritage trail where you can stop at any time and enjoy fresh beverages or the specialty dishes of the area.

Hunter River runs right through Maitland, and a walk at its bank will likely make you forget all your worries. There is one of the oldest museums of Australia in this town, Morpeth Courthouse, constructed in 1863. Maitland Regional Art Gallery is something that every art enthusiast must see at least once in his life. Its architecture is a wonder that will make you never want to leave.

Myall Lake

Distance from Newcastle City: about 125 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Myall Lake features one of the largest freshwater lake systems in the country. There is nothing more soothing than sitting at the corner of a lake in the shadow of a large tree, just glaring at the water and letting your mind relax. 

You can do that and a lot more at Myall Lake. Considering that it is a 40 km long lake, you can go fishing, boating, and canoeing here. Despite its size, there are no sharks, crocodiles, or stingers here, making it completely safe for swimming where you can also take your family. If you want extra activities, there is a town named Tea Gardens right next to it where you will find plenty of cafes and moored boats. Their fresh oysters are also quite regarded by the tourists who have visited this place.

Lake Macquarie

Distance from Newcastle City: About 43 km

Travel Time: 36 minutes

Myall is a freshwater lake, and Macquarie is a saltwater lake, that is also the largest in the country. Although it’s a lake, you will see several patrolled beaches around it. Some of the most popular beaches include Blacksmiths, Redhead, and Swansea Channel. 

Name any water sport, and you will find the facility to enjoy it here. You can get in the water for boating, kite surfing, water skiing, and kayaking. You can also go swimming and surfing here. If you are a mysterious person, you will love to explore the sea caves along the coastline. Just make sure that tides are low and it’s safe to visit the caves. There is a park for children called Speers Point Park, which is one of the biggest playgrounds near Newcastle. 

Although this activity is not particularly linked to the lake, you can avail the facility of skydiving. This is something any adventurer would love and, without a doubt, make memories that will last a lifetime.

Dungog Town

Distance from Newcastle City: About 82 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Dungog town is a complete tourist destination with mountains, forests, rivers, and beautiful villages. Tourists love bushwalking and mountain bike trails of this place. You should start by visiting farms in the villages here. You will love their animals, life, and environment. 

There is a gold rush heritage with its historical value, and there are many good food markets where you can enjoy delicious native meals. You can travel around if you get a minibus hire, but it’s better to ride around on a bicycle. Just like any good tourist spot, you will find good museums that will teach you all about the history associated with Dungog town. You can also go canoeing in the river or go to Barrington Tops National Park Walks for a walk in nature.

Caves Beach

Photo By: Robert Montgomery

Caves Beach

Distance from Newcastle City: About 32km

Travel Time: 40 minutes

Caves Beach is one point everyone in Newcastle city should visit at least once in his life. Why you might ask, I ask why not when it has it’s the perfect beach for kids and adventurers. 

This beach gets its name from the sculptural sea caves you find here. You can even visit these caves when the tides are low and safe. With proper patrol staff always on duty, you can go swimming and surfing without any fears. There are flags and lifeguards to keep this place for all tourists, cafes with finger-licking good food, and picnic tables and toilets. It’s also a great place if you plan on bringing kids on a school trip.

Tuggerah Lakes

Tuggerah Lakes

Distance from Newcastle City: About 80 km 

Travel Time: 1 hour 5 minutes

Tuggerah Lakes comprise three coastal lagoons located south of Lake Macquarie. However, you can swim around here if you follow the flags. There is a 12 kilometers cycleway that is full of scenic views. There are also playgrounds, parks, toilets, and picnic points for barbeque here. 

In addition to swimming and diving, you can do activities in the waters such as water skiing, fishing, and sailing. Some might also refer to this place as The Entrance; you should know in case you do further research on this place before finalizing your plans. There is a waterfront for kids, and there are baths if you need to do some laps in calm water. 

You can participate in annual festivals at Memorial Park if you visit in January and December for Australia Day and New Year’s Eve Celebrations. You should also visit Long Jetty to see vintage-styled shops and some hipster cafes; you will find something unique to buy and something delicious to eat.

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