Eight of the Very Best Beaches in Australia

Australia is known around the world for its stunning beaches, such as Bondi. But the truth is that there are some absolutely idyllic beaches that most visitors and even Australian’s have never heard of.

If you are visiting a part of Australia that you have never been before then here is a list of eight of the very best beaches that you may like to go to.

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Whitehaven Beach

In the whole of Australia you will be hard pushed to find a more beautiful beach than Whitehaven. Located on the popular Whitsunday Island, this beach is nothing short of spectacular.

Long stretches of unspoiled white sand are only interrupted by the gentle caressing of crystal clear waters that have a vivid blue hue to them. The sand is unusually bright as it has a mixture of silica which forms an unusually soft texture.

Because of its uninterrupted seven kilometers of length it always seems sparsely populated even at peak times. Around the shore are a myriad of coves, lagoons, and inlets for kids and adults both to explore.

Turquoise Bay

Who could resist the temptation of a beach nestled in a place called Turquoise Bay? And of course both the beach and the bay take their name from the beautiful colour of the water.

Famous for being the home of Ningaloo Reef, Turquoise Bay is perfect for snorkelling. However, there are strong currents near the sandbar, so groups with children should take care.

Swimming in the beautiful warm waters it is common to spot reef sharks, starfish, moon wrasse, and multicoloured parrot fish.

Bells Beach

Bells Beach is particularly a favourite with surfers, but that is not to say that it is not a beautiful beach in its own right. Surfers come from all over the world to take advantage of the great swells that commonly occur in the waters around this terrific beach.

It is however, not the best beach for swimming as the surf is often powerful due to the massive swells. Many visitors take advantage of the high cliffs overlooking the beach to see the stunning reef which is often exposed.

Nudey Beach

To get to Nudey Beach you have to make your way to Fitzroy Island, but the trip is well worthwhile. The island is almost entirely covered by rainforest but its claim to fame is that it is entirely surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef.

The beach is about a fifteen minute walk from the jetty, but the jaunt is well worth it as it is one of the most stunning beaches in all Australia. Nearby the Cairns hinterland is well worth exploring too.

Burleigh Heads Beach

The Gold Coast is famous for its incredible beaches and Burleigh Heads Beach has to be one of the very best. The beach attracts many surfers and is also great to act as a base for hikers to discover the amazing trails that are all about.

However, many visitors to Burleigh Heads simply to relax and spend lazy days on the golden sand. For the more active then there is plenty of wildlife to spot such as humpback whales, dolphins, and many different sea birds.

Four Mile Beach

Four Mile Beach was not surprisingly named after its huge length, and can be found on the coast near Port Douglas. The beach starts at Island Point and stretches right out until it reaches the fabulous Mowbray river’s reef.

Not the best of beaches for swimming due to its low tides, but this wilderness beach is perfect for those who love quiet solitude.

Moonee Beach

For a slice of pure heaven you must visit Moonee Beach towards the North of Coff’s harbour. The beach is relatively untouched and contains a rich biodiversity of local marine and plant life.

The beach acts almost as its own wildlife sanctuary and it is also home to a variety of kangaroos, dolphins, sea eagles, and koalas. Many people opt for a relaxing time on the beach but there are many activities such as surfing, canoeing and exploring that are also highly popular.

Noosa Heads Main Beach

Our final beach is possibly the best on the Sunshine Coast. It has long stretches of golden sands and perfect azure waters. The waters are so crystal clear that you can even see your feet whilst swimming and paddling.

To keep you alert Humpback whales often visit the waters around the beach which are a delight to watch playing and feeding in the water. Noosa Heads is an ideal beach for swimming and excellent for a family day out. If any of these superb beaches tickles your fancy to go and visit with your friends, then contact Low Cost Self-Drive to arrange your transportation