Do you manage a fleet of vehicles, understands the complexities involved with managing both a small and large fleet and that you need a technology solution that connects all the moving pieces to keep your logistics running smoothly.

Our unique track and check solution is our state of the art vehicle monitoring system, which has been built and developed in-house

Our Real-time tracking and monitoring allows you to check the speed and location of the vehicle this provides protection for staff & driver. Our system can send the driver and management staff alerts, that driver is adhering or breaking any of the regulations.

Our Advanced Passenger management tracking & monitoring allows you to track the movement of your staff to make sure they arrive and depart on time, check attendance, run daily checks and weekly reports. The app is also fitted with an emergency Panic button which notifies agreed people in the event of an accident, breakdown or medical emergency and enforces company procedures 

Vehicle checks should be carried out daily which are managed through our system.

All checks are recorded and can be monitored from a computer If one of your vehicles fails its daily check contingency can be made for a replacement vehicle.

These applications and tools are a significant step for any corporation to know just where their staffs are at any time in transit. It also gives documentary evidence that the corporation was not negligent in any of its duty of care obligations.

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